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Map of the World of Ethshar

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with fantasy maps.
Recently I am bettering myself using the Other World Mapper tool, that I purchased.

In the last few days, I created a fan map of the World of Ethshar. The Ethshar world is from the Ethshar book series by Lawrence Watt-Evans (all rights reserved). One of my favorite fantasy writers of all time. The first book in the series is called The Misenchanted Sword it is a very charming and different fantasy book.

Check out this map of Ethshar, that I made:

I wish I knew about the look and feel of the Ethshar world, so I could add more details on the map and create smaller regional ones as well. I know nothing of the roads, the vegetation in the main world, smaller cities and other stuff.

And when you are done enjoying my map go support Lawrence Watt-Evans by buying one of his books at Amazon or your preferred book pusher.

The map I did is based on a pencil drawing by the author himself:

As well as a colour map by J. K. Hoffman: