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Aspiring Fantasy author planning to publish in 2017 is looking for Champions and Cheerleaders who are willing to go the extra mile and do one (or more) of the following tasks for me:

  • become advance readers (free)
  • read and review my book in the first week on Amazon
  • Spread the word on social media

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I am an aspiring author, age 44, who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with my wonderful wife and we are expecting a child in June / July 2017.
I also recently left my career as a Data Analyst through 10+ years behind me as I was becoming increasingly tired of office politics, I am returning to my first love, literature

I do have a special research degree in Comparative Literature (2011) and wrote an unpublished book and struggled with traditional publishing. My attention is now 100% focused on publishing FANTASY NOVELS in 2017 and I am planning and executing an ambitious, vast and hopefully interesting world.

My sincere hope is to make my book launches in 2017 a smashing success so I can get a self-publishing platform big enough to sustain myself.


Looking for readers, mentors, champions and cheerleaders

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